The Visit by the Shore

Dedicated to all mothers who are grieving

I wish that you could visit me. I'd take you to the shore.
I'd walk along the beach with you. We'd run and splash and more.
We'd build a castle in the sand, we'd hug, we'd kiss, we'd dance.
We'd gently hold each other's hands, and furtively we'd glance.

We'd marvel at the majesty of nature's clouds and sky.
We'd celebrate the moment as the gulls and kites soared by.
We never tire of giggling, skipping, splashing through the surf.
We'd watch a thundercloud roll in, with flashing over there.

The sun's return....a rainbow would remind us of his care.
The sun would slowly slip away, we'd sing a lullaby.
Our song, a soft sweet melody to welcome the evening sky.
Then shooting stars would welcome night, and I'd begin to cry.

Long ago, I made a choice, my choice was you must die.
You had no voice to call to me, I couldn't hear your sigh.
Your Angel whispered in my ear, "BE NOT AFRAID," she said.
But I was so alone and scared, I heard the lie instead.

It was a aren't here. The beach is gray and dreary.
I start to sob, I wish and say, "I'd give my life....if only!"
The sky is gray, I am alone, my soul is wracked with pain.
I'd give my life, if only I could make that choice again.

2002 Lillian Teresa D'Allaird