For My Daughter

A smell of roses wafted by,
yet a rose I couldn't see,
I knew right then it had to be
my baby angel calling me...
I closed my eyes and saw her then,
as clearly as could be,
she was running with her arms outstretched,
running, coming home to me.

Her hair was long and bouncing,
she had curls around her face,
a dimpled chin and
a cherub grin,
she had a tiny warm embrace.

Momma, Momma, come and play,
I've waited all this time,
she turned her little face to me and
I saw it mirrored mine.

We danced and laughed and
chased the leaves blowing on the wind,
come dear momma, come and see
my closest dearest friend.

I looked beyond the shady brook
and I quietly understood,
her dearest friend, my gentle friend,
was Jesus Christ Our Lord.

I quietly whispered "Thank you Lord,"
please keep her in your care,
Hold her in those tender arms
And love her till I'm there.