I regret my abortion; if you do too, there is help!
The Great Prayer Project is a Pro-Life Prayer Movement that is focused on uniting Christians from around the world in one prayer, in one voice, for one cause. We believe that prayer is a very effective and powerful tool in the fight to save innocent lives. Being Pro-Lifers as well as Christians, we believe there is nothing greater we can do then organize a prayer movement that has the ability to bring so many Pro-Life Christians together as one.
Help, Healing and Hope (949-679-9276)

After Abortion Survey - Free Registration to this survey gives you access to the free online survey which will offer a list of healing resources designed specifically based on your survey results.

800-712-HELP (800-712-4357)
Various programs to help survivors of childhood or adolescent abuse,
especially sexual abuse, to move beyond their abuse experiences.
This website offers a free 30 day Free Me to Live online Bible study emotional/spiritual healing course. The course consists of daily 10-15 minute lesson plans (sent via email), weekly pod-casts by author and pastor Ken Freeman as well as additional resources to provide further support throughout the course and follow-up support once the course has been completed.
800-712-HELP (800-712-4357)
Online e-mail emotional support
Online message board emotional support
Pregnancy loss outreach of the Catholic Church
A web resource that provides information and support to people fighting substance abuse and addiction.