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Hi, I am making a website for our local prayer vigil and would like your permission to advertise your services. You can see a copy of it here:


Rachel Brooks


Hi Rachel - You may most certainly advertise Rachel's Vineyard! We pray for all those who are post abortive and are always delighted that people can come to know about the healing retreats. Thank you. God bless - Lee Anne

After 6 months I'm still having trouble coming to terms with my abortion. I have been dealing with not being able get to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not wanting to wake up in the morning, having nightmares, not being able to eat, crying a lot. Feeling “heavy hearted.” and agitated. I have no one to talk to about this because everyone I know does not support the idea of abortion and I don't even know what to do with my feelings anymore. It is normal to be feeling like this and how long does it take for this types of emotion to stop? Thanks in advance.


Dear Hailey - yes it is normal for these types of emotions to occur after an abortion. You are grieving the loss of your child.

Do you have someone who you can speak the words of your procedure to? Perhaps a priest or a pastor, who would hold it in confidence?

One of the biggest issues with abortion is that we try (and I am also post abortive) to keep what we have done to ourselves and not burden anyone with it. However, as you are finding, this only makes us feel more isolated and not knowing what to do with our feelings.

I would encourage you to call 877 HOPE 4 ME. The person who answers the call will keep your information confidential and will help you find a Rachel's Vineyard retreat in your area that you might be able to attend.

I pray you peace - Lee Anne (Somebody special)
Sheri Fullom

Thank you for posting this Sheri. I pray it gets wide distribution God Bless, Lee Anne

I have a girl around 16 years old who would like to attend the retreat. Is this appropriate?
Anne in Phoenix

Hello - I do not know if the girl is post abortive or not. You may reach a counselor at our toll free number and discuss the particulars of the situation with her. The phone number is 877 HOPE 4 ME.

God bless - Lee Anne

I attended Rachel's Vineyard 3 years ago. My priest suggested I attend after returning to the catholic church after 40 years. no fault of anyone at the retreat, they were wonderful, and even though God has forgiven me, I cannot forgive myself. My heart is broken that I would take the life of my own baby. I have four living children, 9 grandchildren that are my whole life. Every time I look into their faces I see the face of the child I decided not to have. I try every day to live in the present and sometimes I succeed but this horrible choice will never be able to be forgotten. I took a life. I will not sugar coat it, and the life was that of an innocent child, mine. How can any mom forgive herself of the heinous act ever? thank you for helping me. Chris

Hello Chris and thank you for your question. I apologize for taking so long in answering.

I too have an aborted child. I have, at times thought the way you describe your thoughts. I realize that, no, the abortion will never be forgotten however, I also realize that to stay there on that ugly truth of what happened is not helping me.

I purposefully take myself out of that spot and focus on the life that I did have, short as it was, with my aborted child. I ask my child to pray for me and my sons.

It is my sincere belief that we will always remember, but how we remember is our decision. Our cross is the difficulty in forgiveness of ones' self, to be sure, but our children who were aborted would not, I don't think, want us to dwell on their death, but rather on their lives and the eternal life that they are resting in now.

I am so glad that you have come back to the Church after forty years. Your child is entrusted to the mercy of God and can be considered a Holy Innocent.

God Bless you - Lee Anne

How do I know if I have really forgiven myself? I want to know if I am handling this in the right way.

Dear Jane, I do not think there is any right way to judge whether you are doing things the way you are supposed to.

How do we know whether we have forgiven ourselves? That is the sixty four thousand dollar question. Often one may think they have had a break through on their feelings about a past abortion only to have feelings of shame, sadness and sorrow come up again when least expected.

Abortion is a traumatic event in a woman's life. As such, she needs to be treated with much care and compassion. A Rachel's Vineyard retreat is a weekend where a woman who has had the trauma of abortion can further explore and work through the trauma and experience healing from the abortion.

If you have not already been on a retreat, I highly recommend using the search on the home page to see where the closest retreat is and contacting the leader for that retreat. If you have been on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat, and are struggling with forgiving yourself, please contact your team leader and speak with her.

I pray you peace Jane. God bless, Lee Anne

Hello ,

My name is Pallavi . I am 36 years old and had an Abortion. Found this site from my friend . I was not feeling good and my mind is very disturbed. I feel very anxious . Can you help ?

Thanking you ,



Dear Pallavi - I am so sorry that you are not feeling well and that your mind is very disturbed. It is wonderful that you have such a good friend to tell you about this site. Rachel's Vineyard will be able to help you explore your feelings, mourn the loss that you have suffered in your abortion and give you hope about your life again.

I had an abortion many years ago and I also was very disturbed and anxious. I went on a Rachel's Vineyard weekend and during that time I found a new hope - hope that others who were also on the retreat found as well. I do not know where you live, but if you go to the main site, it will show you the different areas of the country and indeed, the world, where Rachel's Vineyard retreats are held. Please feel free to contact the site leaders and go on a retreat.

I pray you peace, Pallavi, for through Rachel's Vineyard, there is hope!

God Bless - Lee Anne

Yes I was listing to EWTN Radio today ,thisafternoon and a Lady was tring to tell with limited time(The host of the show that I was listening to) said to go to this site for a list of Major Organizations that give to Abortion Clincics. Like the Susan B Colman cancer Socity ECT. cAN YOU DIRECT ME WITH A LIST SO i CAN POST IT ON MY HOME PAGE ON fACEBOOK pLEASE.pEACElOVE AND MY TWO OLDER SISTERS WERE BORN IN nOV. mY MOM HAD MISCARAGE AFYER MISCARAGE AND adopted my twin sisters,nothing up till Nov of 59, than I came along in Feb. of 60 Peace...
Joseph Thomas

You may wish to go to to find a list of organizations that donate to Planned Parenthood.

God Bless you Joseph. Lee Anne

I have had two abortions, wish to know the sex of both so I may name them. I have asked the Lord, just dont know how to hear Him ...

Some women get a very strong intuition about what sex the baby that carried was. Other women do not get a sense of the baby's gender, at all.

The Lord knows the sex of your child and He may, over time, reveal the baby's gender to you.

Some women and men who do not know what the sex of their child was, do name their children with gender neutral names, such as Kim or Jordan or name them Angel or Baby.

Because The Lord knows the sex of your child, what ever you decide to name your child will be just fine - after all they are your children!

I recommend that if you have not already done so, to attend a weekend retreat by Rachel's Vineyard. Their number is 877 HOPE 4 ME. At the retreat you will have an opportunity to name and honor your lost children.

I convinced myself that having two abortions (age 15 and 19) was the mature and responsible thing. It allowed me to graduate college, marry a wonderful man, preserve my "Christian " reputation. I convinced myself that having these abortions gave me freedom. succeed and from the "high school sweetheart " that I wasn't in love with. As a new Catholic Convert, I've been more exposed to pro-life initiatives and for the first time really feeling the need to reconcile to my aborted children. But here's where I need help. I feel like I'm being a traitor to my husband and my son for loving children I didn't want by a man I don't love. I honestly can't get over this hump...yet, this small voice tells me these babies need their mother's love. I've prayed for Mary to adopt them and show them her love. Any advice?


Dear Friend – Indeed, all of our children desire our love and a mother’s heart generally speaking desires to love her children. I am not sure if you have taken this situation to the sacrament of reconciliation. If you have not yet confessed your abortions, that would be the first step. Secondly, I highly recommend that you contact Rachel’s Vineyard for a retreat close to your home and take advantage of the healing that you will be able to start during the weekend. Their number is 877 HOPE 4 ME.

Loving your children is a natural, motherly instinct. When we have more than one child, we do not betray our children by loving all of them, we simply multiply our love to them. I pray you peace. God Bless - Lee Anne
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