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Other Resources for Help After Abortion

Support groups and online help

Silent No More Awareness Campaign
I regret my abortion; if you do too, there is help!
The Great Prayer Project - End Abortion

Abortion Recovery International Network/Directory
Help, Healing and Hope (949-679-9276)

After Abortion Survey - Free
Registration to this survey gives you access to the free online survey which will offer a list of healing resources designed specifically based on your survey results.

CareNet Pregnancy Centers
800-712-HELP (800-712-4357)

Committed to Freedom
Various programs to help survivors of childhood or adolescent abuse,
especially sexual abuse, to move beyond their abuse experiences.

Free Me to Live
This website offers a free 30 day Free Me to Live online Bible study emotional/spiritual healing course. The course consists of daily 10-15 minute lesson plans (sent via email), weekly pod-casts by author and pastor Ken Freeman as well as additional resources to provide further support throughout the course and follow-up support once the course has been completed.

Heartbeat International
800-712-HELP (800-712-4357)

National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing
800-5WE-CARE (800-593-2273)

National Memorial for the Unborn

Victims of Choice

Healing Hearts Ministries
Online e-mail emotional support

Safe Haven Ministries
Online message board emotional support

Elliot Institute

Ramah International

Priests for Life

Hope Alive, USA

Project Rachel
Pregnancy loss outreach of the Catholic Church



Entering Canaan

Pinckney Pro-Life

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