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Title: "Mom" April 2015 Watch
“Mom” is a song of Mercy, Love and Hope. Singer/Songwriter, Richard Sosa wrote this endearing song for all post abortive mothers who struggle with forgiveness.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Music

Title: Rachel's Vineyard Commericial October 2014 Watch
This commercial has been prepared to promote the Rachel’s Vineyard healing retreats.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Commercial

Title: Dr.Theresa Burke March for Life 2014 April 2014 Watch
Dr.Theresa Burke was the keynote speaker for the March for Life in St. Augustine, FL in January 2014.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Keynote Speech

Title: Celtic Connections - ETWN-UK Radio Show April 2014 Watch
Dr. Theresa Burke was interviewed by EWTN-UK for their show Celtic Connections.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Interview

Title: Kevin Burke - Prison Testimony April 2014 Watch

Theme: Prison Testimony  - Category: Men

Title: A Silent Cry August 2013 Watch
Paul was inspired when he heard the story of a man who shared his abortion story. The man's story conveyed the sadness that he experienced on losing his child. Paul had never really thought about the father in an abortion before. Suddenly Paul had an overwhelming urge to write a song from the father’s perspective of an abortion. He has not been affected by abortion but to his amazement the words flowed out as if Divinely inspired.
Theme: Men and Abortion  - Category: Music

Title: A Mothers Lament July 2013 Watch
When Mary Elizabeth wrote the song, A Mother’s Lament, she had come to terms with what she had done to her baby. It is not only a bereavement song. It is a song of repentance and ultimately God’s mercy and forgiveness of the repentant sinner. In it she asks forgiveness for what she did, both from her child and ultimately God. Her healing from the abortion started here.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Music

Title: Post Abortion Syndrome is Real July 2012 Watch
This short video was made in response to a June 2012 article published by the Irish Times claiming that Post-Abortion Syndrome is a scare tactic developed by the Pro-Life movement.
Theme: Abortion and Healing  - Category: Music

Title: Sometimes I Wonder April 2011 Watch
A beautiful song of hope written by Emily Holman for a dear friend of hers who suffered the effects of an abortion.
Theme: Hope  - Category: Music

Title: Miracle May 2010 Watch
This month's music video is written as a journal entry of a post-abortive woman and describes her journey from heartache to healing. It set to the song "Miracle" by Whitney Houston.
Theme: Healing  - Category: Music

Title: Hands January 2009 Watch
This commercial has been prepared to promote the Rachel’s Vineyard healing retreats. Click here for more information on how to order
Theme: Rachel's Vineyard  - Category: Commercial

Title: Men & Abortion: A Window into the Journey January 2009 Watch
In an abortion debate long considered a "women's issue," the pain that men feel about a past abortion is often lost in the shuffle. But millions of men who may have prompted or agreed with their partner's decision to have an abortion often face regret years later. Kenny Rogers highlights a father's abortion pain in this song - Water and Bridges.
Theme: Men & Abortion  - Category: Music

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